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Lighting is a major element of a successful and visually appealing event. Lighting is frequently utilised to create atmosphere and improve the entire experience, whether it’s architectural; to highlight magnificent building characteristics; to establish the mood within the venue; or by reflecting brand colours or colour themes.

We also have a variety of equipment accessible to improve the visitor experience. Whether it’s for a photo session or stage lighting for a fashion show or performance, make sure the event’s stars can be seen from a distance.

We hold specialised lighting for anything from theatrical shows to concerts and everything in between.

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There are several lighting considerations that vary greatly depending on the sort of event or performance, for example, the types of fixtures and lighting design for a concert would differ from the needs for a fashion show or theatre play. There are other more aspects to consider, such as positioning and lighting management.

The term “moving head” or “intelligent lighting fixture” refers to stage lighting that includes automated or mechanical capabilities that go beyond typical, fixed illumination. These lights are classified as spot/profile, wash, beam, or hybrid. Each kind has a purpose, and most lighting designers favor a combination.

DMX is a standard for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control stage lighting and effects. All of our lights have the ability to be able to be controlled from a lighting desk to create scenes and entire shows.

A gobo is an item that is put within or in front of a light source to regulate the form and shadow of the produced light. These are extremely common for custom events, such as when a corporation wants to project its brand on the venue’s walls.

Uplights are lighting fixtures that cast light upwards. Uplights are frequently used to bathe a wall in a certain color of light. These are terrific low-cost methods to add ambiance or a theme to an event area.

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