Sanj 2





Sanjay has been spinning music for more than 25 years. He started mixing on tape decks, (if you remember them) and soon moved to his preferred tools – turntables. In the late ’80s and ’90s, he grew up collecting R n B/Hip Hop vinyl records and practicing the art of DJaying. Sanjay’s career started in the nightlife industry where he would showcase his skills in the club scene. His mission was to take what he practiced to the outside world. After many mix-tapes and a whole load of flyering, the portfolio grew with clubs like; Hacienda, Limelight, Ministry of Sound, Bagleys, Hippodrome, Maestros – to name just a few.

His passion for music continued in the 2000’s to a whole new scale. He wanted to be more open-format and introduce elements of Funk, Bollywood, and Jungle to his sets. It was all about fusing genres together to create a unique sound to keep the crowd guessing and wanting more.

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