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Live Streaming


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Live Streaming

With all of today’s technology live streaming can seem pretty simple to set up. However, you get one chance to get it right before you lose your audience or miss your special moment. We provide a professional service you can depend on, one that supplies reliable equipment, one that is hassle free and one that you can trust. We would go as far as saying we have encountered most of the problems that would arise from live streaming and have the experience to overcome these issues. Whether it be a dodgy internet connection or poor audio relay we have the right hardware along with the right technicians to get you through your event.

We believe it’s key for us to invest in the best technology and personnel. From infrastructure right through to logistics and operations we have the experience to see projects through seamlessly from inception to execution

There are several benefits to using video live streaming services to broadcast an event. Video live streaming services can be effective in a wide variety of contexts, including product and service promotions, online classes, places of worship services, and weddings. We also use live broadcasts to enhance and maximise direct communication with customers and community partners. Live streaming an event gives you the opportunity to reach and interact with more people across the world.

All of our cameras are remote controlled and operated via a control desk with live camera angle switching with professional transitions. We are also able to provide virtual audiences with our visual display units giving your event that extra bit of interaction with your audience.

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A live stream is a live video that you can broadcast over the internet to various different platforms and consumed on a computer, tv, mobile, ipad etc

YouTube, Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch & much more

Yes, we can stream to multiple platforms simultaneously.

All of the RAW footage is recorded and will be made available to you post your event.

Although a direct cabled connection is best, we are able to stream via a WiFi enabled router or 4G/5G

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